Candidates – Best Match Skills to Employer Needs

JCP Candidates JPC selects the best candidates for each role employers offer.

We search, find and interview, check references and bring skilled people for refrigeration/air-conditioning, construction, electrical engineering companies and even cooks for a retirement home/hospital. From time to time welders are in short supply in some areas of the New Zealand manufacturing industry. So JPC is pleased then to serve as an agent for both the employer and the candidate. As a result we provide much-needed skills for New Zealand business projects and employment for skilled workers who deliver on time. Read about each of these candidates: In this case five Welders A, B, C, D and E. Welders need good attention to detail, as well as quite specific technical knowledge about the materials being joined. They list their knowledge of best practices in the field. Then identify each employer’s needs and match them with the knowledge and skills they offer from the global market.

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