Employer’s Corner – Can’t Find Skilled Professionals?

Can’t Find Skilled Professionals in New Zealand?

Employer’s Corner: Some Insights on Overseas Employment

At JPC we are confident that our 12 years of experience help you to feel comfortable employing skilled professionals from outside of New Zealand. Employer’s needs and staff needs vary from industry to industry and must be matched with detailed knowledge of human resources and skills.

When selecting candidates we search, screen, interview, check references and relocate skilled people for several industries. These industries include refrigeration/air-conditioning, construction, welding engineering and electrical engineering companies.

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We Noticed the Following:

  • Most often 70% of what that people say about themselves in their CV is true.
  • People rather undersell themselves than oversell themselves.
  • Overseas people know that everything they say will be checked. They do not want to lose credibility for a new employer.
  • The New Zealand Government Immigration Service checks every applicant’s documents thoroughly before issuing a visa to New Zealand, including checking previous employment and education.
  • Skype interviews are great! During an online interview, you can have an interview team present. Include technical specialists, potential associates or a psychologist. They can contribute to your judgment about the applicants.
  • Skilled professionals from overseas appreciate your support. Staff who feel supported in New Zealand value their job. Valued staff most often stay with the same company for many years.

What can we do to make the process of issuing a work visa easier?

JCP Employer's CornerYou have to show to Immigration New Zealand that you actually did try to find a suitably qualified person here in New Zealand. For example, show that you advertised in different media and did not find the right candidate. If the position is on the Government NZ Shortage lists (as electricians and a lot of engineers) http://skillshortages.immigration.govt.nz/, you may directly invite the chosen employee from overseas by sending him/her a job offer. Include an employment contract with a precise job description and an Employer Supplementary form.  If the job you have is not listed in shortage lists – you may apply for Approval Principle to Immigration New Zealand.


We have done it before and we are doing it every day!