30 April, 2017

​Where to find skilled workers? Struggle all over the country. New visa conditions are coming soon!

Where to find skilled workers? Struggle all over the country. New visa conditions are coming soon!

In recent months the number of people arriving in New Zealand on a long term and permanent basis is continuing to grow, setting net migration at a new record high.

As a reaction to this migration, the New Zealand Immigration Minister has introduced new regulations for work visa and residence applications. The aim of the new regulations is to improve net migration (reduce the number), but after a close look, the new regulations may be simply unworkable. See for yourself.

As per proposed new regulations,

  • Two salary bands are to be introduced in the Skilled Migrant category permanent and temporary visas.
  • The bands are approximate $49k and $73k (average New Zealand income and 1.5 average.).
  • Applicants in the first band still need to meet ANZSCO, applicants in the second band are automatically deemed to be skilled.

There are proposed limits on the duration of work visas for people in lower income roles (<$49k p.a.) of three years followed by a stand down period.

Low-skilled employees would need to go back to their country of origin. An employee in this band may have become very valuable to his or her employer during the three years. He or she may have married, had children, or purchased a home.

What is important, he or she has already settled in New Zealand, learned all the rules and regulations, made a circle of friends and become a member of the New Zealand community. According to the proposed regulations, we would have to send this person out of the country?

Read more about new regulations here: https://www.beehive.govt.nz/release/changes-better-manage-immigration

Right now Immigration New Zealand has a consultation with industry partners regarding the changes, which will become law from 15 of August 2017.

You can have your say! Please send me a few lines as we have a group of advisers working in consultation with Immigration New Zealand regarding the above changes.