Testimonials – Placed Candidates Recommend Job Placement Consultants Ltd

Testimonials From Our Placed Candidates:

Read these testimonials from some of our successful placements. JPC takes pride in maintaining contact with our employers and placed candidates. We ask them to provide feedback about our services. Testimonials are one of the best ways to show the quality of our service. Jowel’s employer is so happy with his work, that applied and received an Accreditation from Immigration NZ in order to help an employee to get residence in NEw Zealand.

I really like your slogan. It’s really true and hope you will always do that. “Integrity is what we do, what we say, and what we say we do.”

I found my New Zealand consultant online and had all my questions answered, the great job found and my consultant even helped with NZ bank account and taxation number, Of course, I will recommend JP Consultants to my friends/relatives.

My placement consultant JPC Account Manager has a wonderful personality and feels she takes great responsibility for her own job. Immigration was not too hard with Olia’s help. Finally, I am really happy to get to know you all. 

I’d like to express my special thanks to Janette who helped me to prepare a good CV, found a great employer and presented me to them. I was accepted to the company after the first Skype interview!

Upon obtaining a job offer I had to get a work visa, what is quite a technical task but yet not so simple as it might seem. I was led by Olia, an Immigration Adviser through all the issues of the visa application.
Frankly speaking, I have never thought that immigration process can be such a complex deal. Being here, in Auckland and already working I perfectly realize that with no professional assistance of JPC and detailed help of Olia Essina I would have hardly achieved this result. Otherwise, a lot of time and money would have been wasted and somewhere halfway through, I would have given up. That’s why I would recommend this organization and its perfect team for those who need an assistance in immigration or searching for electricians job in New Zealand. With no doubts. Viacheslav C. (if you still have doubts – I am happy to respond to your email)

JCP Testimonials

I am a Roofer by trade and was planning to move to New Zealand when my friend suggested contacting JPC LTD (recruitment and job placement consultants in Auckland). JPC had a job order for Roofers and I got placement shortly after my application.

Olia ( companies licensed immigration adviser ) got me work to residence visa & I safely reached New Zealand only 4 months after the first application.

Olia is very competent & trustworthy, she was responding my questions almost immediately and sorting issues with Immigration New Zealand for me fast. All JPC team was very helpful in the process. They have met me at the airport and helped with NZ Bank account and Inland Revenue number.
I have no hesitation to recommend JPC as a reliable partner. I’m really happy with them and will recommend them to my friends and family.

Big thanks to Olia, Janette, and Jennifer!


We are happy to introduce you our client Farid, working and living in a small but trendy town in the North Island of NZ.

Farid just received a work-to-residence visa! He is on a pass to the residence in New Zealand for his great work, communication skills, the desire and great efforts to mix into the employer team, his confidence as a professional engineer, skills and knowledge in aluminium and stainless fabrication work.
We are proud for you, Farid! Keep on working so well!