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Back from holidays concerns …how to tackle them

14 January '19

It great to get back to work well rested with renewed energy. If you are anything like myself who completely switching my mind off the business during a break – then for you as well some efforts needed in order to get
back to a work mode and these 6 tips may be handy for you as well.



1. Get organized

Before resuming back to work, it is essential that you have a clear mind and a well
thought out plan for the tasks you need to perform as soon as you get back to work.
You can create a task list and schedule other work-related
activities that you need to participate in. If you prepare this before returning to work,
it will help you switch easily back from vacation mode to the work mode.

2. Organize your workspace

Clean your desk when you come to the office. You’re most likely be welcomed by
piles of unopened emails, files, and other office items at your desk. Take care of
these things as soon as possible. This puts you in a productive state of mind and
reduces your workload.

3. Ease your way back to work.

Do not be tempted to get started with work on a new task. Take things easy. Use the
to-do list to plan your day. Start with the tasks you can complete efficiently, which
does not take much of your time. You can start with small tasks that require the least
amount of time. It can increase your self-confidence and ease you back to work as if
you’ve never gone on a break.

4. Keep working with new ideas.

Do not continue to do your work like before!
Try to develop new ideas or strategies. Take a different approach to your usual tasks
and see how it works. This can give you a different perspective on how to meet
targets and achieve specific goals.

5. Familiarize yourself with your projects.

To continue, you must familiarize yourself again and again with your current projects.
It is likely that the project stopped during the closing of the office. Now it is good time to see
what happened in your absence or update your memory with all the details. To get
back on track, you must familiarize yourself with the tasks to follow in order to
relaunch or restart the project.

6. Think about what’s ahead.

You’ve taken your foot off the accelerator, but it’s time to break the pace.
What is the status of your most important work priorities? What must happen to
complete these projects? You do not need to have all mapped out. Just start thinking
about big movements. Once done, you can reinforce it in by dividing these larger
scripts into smaller actions.

If after doing all the above you find that your projects require tradies in order to
be accomplished on time – feel free to chat to us in Job Placement Consultants

We help New Zealand employers to recruit international professionals directly from
overseas. We have great trade skills waiting for your picking from compatible labour
market where work conditions and regulations are similar to New Zealand.
Drop us a line or call me for a chat!

Job Placement Consultants Team:
Bus: 09 580 11 77

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