1 August, 2016

How To Become a ”Top Notch” Employer

You may have noticed, New Zealand has recently enjoyed a revival of economic growth after a long period of decline. Our population reached an estimated 4,613,000 in September 2015 assisted by growth in immigration.New Zealand’s population reached an estimated 4,613,000 in September 2015. (1)

Right now Statistics NZ confirms that skills shortages choke our growth potential. New Zealand needs to match the potential and talents of New Zealanders with the skills needed in the workforce. A skilled workforce can lead to more innovative behavior and can enable the use of higher levels of technology, which, in turn, leads to higher productivity and a better quality of life for all New Zealanders.

There are two ways to fix the above problem – to develop our own talents or to import them from overseas. The first way takes years, second – only a few months. If you plan to bring skills from overseas – let us know.

We can assist your company to become a “top notch” employer. This will enable you to attract the best personnel from overseas.

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