15 May, 2019

To: Construction and Civil Engineering Companies Owners

In case you are short of trained construction workers, feel free to check out our existing resources and read below to see how our process work and how we help our clients to get great construction workers to work for them: https://jpc-nz.com/construction/

Our approach is slightly different from the recruitment companies and because of that, we have a better variety and better quality of candidates, as we bring tradies from overseas directly after interviewing and checking workers credentials in the country of their employment.

Our candidates could be originally from different Asian countries, but they all worked from 3 to 18 years in the country with a similar labour market as New Zealand.

Why is it so important? How can it help you personally?

Similar market conditions mean that people have been trained already by other international employers and when they arrive in New Zealand you only show them how to work according to your company standards. They already know all the basic safety standards and construction rules and regulations.

Here is the link again for your convenience, feel free to contact us for more information or to order a specific group of tradies:


Thank you for your interest!


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