19 April, 2016

Cost of Living in New Zealand

Frugal Lifestyle:
Basic living with few treats or entertainment. Quite happy to buy cheap and second-hand goods; runs a cheap car that travels around 5000 miles (8,000 km) each year.
The basic living for a family will include plenty of free entertainment with native bushes and the sea. In New Zealand the basic living costs have a totally different meaning then anywhere else in the world. Why? Because New Zealand has FREE education and  health and dental services  for children up to 18 year old, FREE hospital care as well as FREE beaches. 

For those who love nature and the ocean there are plenty of entertainment always! Nature of the country is varied and beautiful. Enough to drive for a couple of ours to see a totally different landscape. You can live basic lifestyle financially but have a millionaire’s hobby, like yachting or similar. See some of our pictures. Many people who just arrived to New Zealand on a work visas live the first two-three years this way before they move to the next  group – modest lifestyle. (O.Essina)

 Modest Lifestyle:
Lives reasonably well but no great extravagance: some wine each week – some takeaway food – nice house in good area – a good quality Japanese family car, bought second-hand that travels around 10,000 miles (16,000 km) each year.


Good Living:

Very nice house, in above average area, two good quality cars bought new and replaced every 3 years, nice food, meals out, a glass or two of wine with most evening meals. Not a millionaire lifestyle, but probably within the top 10 percent of lifestyles for New Zealand.
                        Total Estimated Weekly Spending:
                        Frugal = $ 433
                        Modest = $ 742
                        Good Living = $ 1,271