11 May, 2018

Expect Delays in Work Visa decisions from New Zealand


You will be probably surprised to see a long like that queue these days. I was a witness of such queues in 1992-93 in Moscow Embassy of Germany. In the nineties, Germany has declared that all German nationals who were prosecuted during the World War 2 in Russia will be able to apply for residence and will be accepted if the prosecution is documented. In order to get to the embassy, people had to take a queue at night, write down their number and keep it to the time the embassy was opened. It was especially difficult during Russian winter when the temperature was minus 20C. At that time my company Assistance Service was helping future migrants in preparation, translation and delivering documents for visa applications to the German embassy. We flew to Moscow from Siberia regularly. In Siberia, concentration camps operated up to 1960-th. A lot of German nationals were moved there simply because of their nationality during the World War 2. We had to employ couriers to take the queue at night. I have never ever seen long queues again. It is a history now, but as you know the history has a tendency to repeat.

Why do we have so long waiting times now for work visas in New Zealand? Applicants for work visas are waiting for 2 months for allocation to an officer.

One of the reasons may be the fact that Immigration New Zealand is moving all their operations online to reduce the footprint and save the money. Some overseas offices have been closed already, some are in the process of closing.

Below is an information provided by Immigration New Zealand.


The three Pacific offices in Suva, Apia, and Nuku’alofa will also be retained. Therefore, in total there will be five offshore processing sites.

As you know restructuring always brings a bit of a chaos at its initial stage. Let’s hope it will be better soon!

Thank God, we do not have queues as it was in 90-s, but if you are considering work visa application, send it at least 3 months before your existing visa expires in order to be safe.

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