FAQ – Applicant

FAQ – Applicant Information and Procedure


What skills are you looking for?

We are looking for technical skills/education and experience.  The recent positions are published in our Hot Jobs. Our team has helped people to secure good jobs across a wide range of occupations. These jobs are in the medium-range salary bracket mainly in the engineering and construction fields.

Right now we urgently need Roofers, Waterproofers and Floor Finishers. We always welcome all Electricians and Diesel Mechanics. Carpenters are in shortage in Auckland, if you can demonstrate 3-5 years of carpentry experience, please register online now.

I sent my resume online and have not received any reply from you, what do I do?

Please send a few words as a reminder if you have not heard from us within 48 hours. We are humans and often get a hundred CV’s a day. Please do not get upset with us! If you wish to call, then prior to calling text your name and email address, to speed up our search. We do not accept all candidates, as if we can’t place you – we won’t accept you.

FAQ – The Interview

How can I prepare for my interview?

We ask questions in interviews that are specific to the position you have applied for. Prepare your responses so you can explain your functional and technical skills, family status, and reasons you wish to work in NZ. We may ask for some technical details of your job, general knowledge information applicable to your trade.

Will I be expected to provide referees or to undergo any background checks?

Yes, as part of the selection process you will be asked to provide at least two referees who the recruitment team can contact by phone. We prefer these referees currently are or have recently been, your direct manager or supervisor. Our recruitment manager contacts your referees once you have given your permission.

Our recruitment process also includes an online background check. We provide further information regarding this process to successful candidates during the recruitment process. We must complete these checks before you begin working.

Can I decline the job you offered?

You do not have to accept any job offer if you are not happy with it. We will keep searching until we find a suitable job for you. Before making such a decision,  remember that New Zealand is a very small country in comparison, therefore the opportunities are often limited. You may want to take this factor into consideration when accepting or rejecting an offer.

What is the procedure for getting a work visa once I have accepted a job offer?
Once we have secured a job offer for you, you can choose your own legal adviser, or apply for a visa by yourself, or you may use  Licensed Immigration Adviser working for JPC LTD or in our associate companies, one of those is Approved Immigration Ltd and another Trinity NZ Ltd.  If you chose to work with people we recommend, there is no extra fee is payable for this service except so-called Disbursements, extra fees disclosed below. Under new Immigration NZ requirements, these fees are payable by applicants credit cards.  JPC has an agreement with the above organizations for immigration services for our applicants and will pay them from your contract fee. Following the Code of Conduct of Licence Immigration Advisers in New Zealand, you will sign an agreement for immigration advice and receive a copy of Advisers Professional Standards. Your adviser will lead you through the process of a work visa application, if you choose so, according to the Code of Conduct of Licensed Immigration Advisers  http://iaa.govt.nz/code/index.asp

What if the visa is not granted and I want my money back? 

In case you are not happy with your immigration adviser, you have to express this in writing and address this letter the company director by email or in person. You will receive first of all company Internal Complaint Procedure, which is summarised in your service agreement under Disputes. If you are still not happy, you may complain further to www.IAA.govt.nz, as per instructions below: http://iaa.govt.nz/migrant/complaints/index.asp

If you did not find a job for me, what do I do?

If you wish to complain about our job search services, you shall follow your Service Contract Disputes procedure: write a formal letter expressing what exactly you are not happy about.  The company director will evaluate your concerns and send you a formal reply. If your complaint involves the request for a refund, the evaluation takes 3 weeks. If you are not happy still, feel free to approach the Small Tribunal of New Zealand. You can find more details here: www.disputestribunal.govt.nz. An online complaint can be made here: https://www.disputestribunal.govt.nz/how-to-make-a-claim/apply-online/

Will you help me get a work visa?

Licensed Immigration adviser of your choice will apply for the work visa on your behalf. He/she will ensure that all your documents are in order to limit the chances of your application being rejected because of one or another reason. Available online instructions from the Government website will

What is an initial deposit for a job search and why you charge it?

We charge from $1000 to $2000 depending on your country of origin and where you are located at the time of signing our agreement. Why do we charge a deposit? First of all, we must have your commitment to the process. We employ professionals to help you and must pay them. We need you to be as committed to your decision to migrate to NZ as we are. Great results are only achievable by charging a deposit on our agreement. No commitment – no results.

Should I expect any other fees?

Yes, there are other fees not included in Service Agreement, they called disbursements/payments of  the third party fee:

Work Visa Application Fee – from $495

Courier Fees (It depends on where in the world you are. You have to send your passport to visa center of Immigration NZ and pay the center to send your passport back)

NZQA Application Fee of $746, if applicable.

IPENZ – from $350 – when required.

Electrical Registration from $1650.

How long will my employer wait for me?

Our employers are aware that you are coming from overseas, they would expect you to be able to start as soon as possible. We should be in a better position to advise you on this when the time comes because it varies from one employer to another. Your Licensed Immigration Adviser continues to communicate with your employer while your visa is being processed. We will advise you when you are expected to arrive after the work visa is issued.

Can you give me an idea of the salary range I may expect given my qualifications?
Please visit this link for salary ranges: http://www.kiwicareers.govt.nz

FAQ Education:

How does the New Zealand schooling system work?

Please see our blog about this:

Higher education Fees 09-04-14

Private Education Institutions in New Zealand


New Zealand has both private and public institutions which offer a high standard of education for our young people, and also for those looking to return to education to update their skills and/or training in order to better fit their desired jobs. Education starts with preschool options for children from the age of 3 years. Most children enter the Primary system at age 5 and progress to Secondary school at about the age of 13, where they can stay for up to 5 years.


During the last 3 years of Secondary, they study for and sit exams towards the NCEA (National Curriculum of Educational Achievement) qualifications which have 3 levels, the 3rd of which is usually necessary for entry to the tertiary institutions of University, Polytechnics or their equivalent. Schools divide the year into 4 terms, but children are able to start school midterm or whenever they come to New Zealand and move into the local school ‘zone’.

How long does the process take? From the signing of an agreement to moving to New Zealand?

This is a good question. It all depends on the job market at the time we start the job search for you. Once the job placing team starts working on your file, you will be able to get a clearer picture. Most employers are reasonable and you should have sufficient time to make the move.

Where would I most likely be able to get a job offer from? Can I choose a location of the job?

You should be ready to work anywhere in New Zealand and not have a preferred location at this stage. We will send your application to the companies who are looking for people like you. We cannot tell now where it will be.

FAQ – Visas

Can I apply for permanent residency with the job offer that you provide instead of coming initially to New Zealand on a Work Visa?

We encourage people to come initially on a work visa because the process of applying for permanent residency is time-consuming and sometimes can take up to 12 months. Consequently, employers might lose interest and it could result in a lost opportunity for you.

How can you ensure confidentiality?

We ensure the information you send to us is only used in strict confidence on our secure electronic database which is only accessible by the members of our team. JPC Ltd adopts best business practice policies at all times and more particularly when it comes to the security of personal data. Our role is to provide a premium migrant placement service to individuals, who like ourselves, take pride in their jobs and act with respect for one another.

Have you got a Licensed Immigration adviser?

Yes, we have a licensed Immigration Adviser in the team, who evaluates your file before we accept you for placement and a work visa application.

What do I have to do?

You should decide if you are serious about moving to New Zealand. If so, you should follow our instructions and do each step as soon as you can. We offer you access to a genuine, proven for many years, New Zealand-based immigration and job placement service.

What success have you had so far?

We focus our energy on the people who make a commitment to migrate to NZ and who have the skills and experience to benefit from our assistance.  This is our company ethic and we follow it diligently.  Hundreds of people get jobs in New Zealand with our assistance.

Is your question still unanswered?

Please email us to info@jpc-nz.com for a recruitment consultant to get in touch.