14 February, 2019

Hottest jobs in summer – where to find people to fill these hot jobs?

There is no response to your local ad for carpenters, concrete layers or roofers but the job has to be done on time? We can help!


Another hot summer arrived to stay in New Zealand. Great for our construction!  Where would you find skilled enough people if not pinching them from the neighboring businesses? It would of be great to grow the young generation to fill the gaps in labour supply, but it can take years.
Well, if you can plan your workload 3 months ahead – we can find great skilled people overseas, screen them and bring them to NZ on work visas for your company.
This may look scary at first, but if you follow these 5 simple steps it’s not so difficult:
  • Contact JPC team
  • Fill “Needs assessment form” – or simply tell us what you need.
  • Pay for advertisement and initial screening work
  • Interview the best candidates (or trust our experts to do it on your behalf)
  • Get ready for your employees arrival.
  • Greet a very keen to work new employee.
Our recruitment and immigration advisers will be supporting your needs all steps of the way.
On candidates arrival, full integration is provided by the JPC team.
They will join your team “work ready”.
We are doing this every day, let us give you a hand!
Our contacts: 09 580 11 77, 0274 928 648  info@jpc-nz.com