25 June, 2020

JPC update on people who has work visa, but stuck overseas because of COVID-19

My name is Olia, I talk today on behalf of Job Placement Consultants ltd.

I am responding your emails, Skype messages and phone calls.
For our applicants who stuck overseas there are some positive news.
Please go to Immigration NZ website : www.immigration.govt.nz
Search for: Events > projects and programmes approved for other critical workers

Copy the list of projects and send it to your employer. If your company participate
in this project, an employer can send an email to Immigration NZ asking for an
exception regarding entering New Zealand because your company participate in
construction of one of the major infrastructure projects.

After immigration approve an employer request, you can apply for an exception
entering New Zealand.

H5.15 Approval in principle for other critical workers to travel to New
a. The employers or supporting agency of a person whose critical purpose to
travel to New Zealand is to work as an ‘other critical worker’ (H5.30.5) may
request approval in principle for that person and their partner and dependent
children to travel to New Zealand by emailing

H5.20 Making an application for a visa or variation of conditions
a. A person may only apply for a visa or variation of conditions under these
instructions if they are invited to do so. b. An application must be made
within 1 month of the date of the invitation to apply. c. An application for a
visa must be made in the prescribed manner. d. An application for a
variation of conditions must be is made by submitting the following to an
immigration officer: i. the completed online or paper form; and ii. the
appropriate fee (if any); and iii. the documentation and evidence requested in
the invitation to apply, including evidence of the applicant’s critical purpose
in New Zealand.

If the above instructions seems a bit difficult, please feel free to approach
our company Immigration Adviser Luz Cu, who will lead you through the
both stages of the process.

See you on Thursday with further updates of our company work, recent
employment opportunity and more info for people in-between visas because
of pandemic.

If you wish to get these resources over email, we can send it to those of you
who send us a request. Amendment circulars N22 and 23.


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