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Testimonials From Our Placed Candidates

Read these testimonials from some of our successful placements. JPC takes pride in supporting our placed candidates after their successful placement in New Zealand. Testimonials are one of the best ways to show the quality of our service. Some of our employers are so happy with our candidates, that applied and receive an Accreditation from Immigration NZ in order to help them to get residence in New Zealand.


Air-conditioning Installer story in NZ

Heat pumps Installer story in New Zealand

I was working as an electrical engineer in Singapore construction company before I decided to move to NZ. My friends advised me to contact JPC for assistance. After initial communication, JPC helped me to do the electrical registration, as it was the most important step. Once registration has been completed JPC advised me to come to New Zealand to complete registration. Their Immigration Adviser Luz assisted with the successful visitor visa application. On my arrival, I ‘ve got to the Electrical Theory course the same day!

That was a lucky coincidence. I studied for a week and set exams the following week. I was lucky again, I passed the exams! When I have completed the course, I started looking for a job but could not get very far on my own. I approached JPC again. JPC has arranged a job interview for me to work in a company installing air-conditioning units and heat pumps. I had to pass a practical trial before I was offered a job.

JPC helped again to apply work to residence visa and I am so grateful to JPC for all their help.

It was easy and happy working with the team. Jenifer provided me with full support with the course booking and all admin work, Olia found an employer and instructed how to present myself on the interview, Luz was working on Immigration side of things. Without a doubt, they are a friendly and helpful team and I did enjoy our journey together.

Thank you JPC & Best Regards, Raihan

OI Roman

Here is my story

I’ll explain how I received a job as an Electrical Engineer and full electrician registration in New Zealand.

1. In 2016 I signed the job search contact with Job Placement Consultants (JPC). By that time I received already evaluation of my diploma from NZQA. I finished Odessa State Marine Academy in 1997 as a Marine Electrical Engineer.

2. By the advice of JPC, I applied to the EWRB for registration. I’ve sent my diploma, NZQA certificate and Reference from my last work. A reference letter is very important, it must be very detailed, and I got good advice from JPC how to prepare it. EWRB sent me a confirmation letter that I can get Limited Electrical Registration, but in order to get a Full Registration I had to pass: – Practical Assessment Stage 1, 2, 3. – Electrical Theory course and exam. – Electrician Regulations course and exam.

3. I arrived in New Zealand in January 2017. I passed Safety course and JPC helped me to found a job at the end of March 2017 then to apply for Electrical Limited License. JPC assisted to get work-to-resident visa and I started to work as an Electrician in Webster Group. My company sent me to Tauranga for temporary work.

4. In Tauranga in the TOI-OHOMAI Institute of Technology, I passed my Practical Assessment Stage 1, 2 and 3, in September 2017. Duration of this course is one week.

5. In November 2017 I had Electrical Theory and Electrical Regulations courses and exams but unfortunately, I didn’t pass the Electrician Regulations exam at that time.
I had next attempt in Jun 2018 and I passed the Electrician Regulations Exam. It is very important to know that for foreigners if the English language is not a mother tongue, it is acceptable to take extra assistance, it means one additional hour on the exam. I got my Full Electrical Registration and Practical License in August 2018.

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Yula & Dima

“Power line Electrician/Line Mechanic reference letter

To: Job Placement Consultants/ Olia Essina

“…we started the process of preparation to move to New Zealand almost 2 years before we arrived simply because Dima was working as an electrician in the sea and six months each year he was away…We have to say that at that time we felt a bit like a blind kitten, who did not know where to go and how to achieve the desired result. We simply trusted your expertise.

Thinking back, we are very happy that we have met you at a very early stage. We did not make any mistakes because of your professional guidance.

….You precisely formulated what is required from us from the very beginning of our communication.

Thank you very much for being very patient with us and for explaining many times each step of the way. Dima’s reference letter became a very valuable document not only for EWRB, but for immigration New Zealand and for his further employment. …..Your professionalism became obvious to us on the later stage, when we applied for residence in New Zealand and discovered that we did not prepare one unnecessary document (did not spend extra money for translation as well). The immigration officer did not ask us any question, she obviously was completely satisfied with the provided package of documents. We had NZ residence granted in about 3 months’ time.

Olia, we would love to express our great appreciation for your very scrupulous work on the evaluation of people and the facts, documents and skills, your work built on mutual understanding and trust, for your patience and support of our family all along the way. We wish you and your company great success, stability and business growth!

~Yulia and Dima (Translation from Russian)”


“I really like your slogan. It’s really true and hope you will always do that. “Integrity is what we do, what we say, and what we say we do.”

I found my New Zealand consultant online and had all my questions answered, the great job found and my consultant even helped with NZ bank account and taxation number,

Of course, I will recommend JP Consultants to my friends/relatives. My placement consultant JPC Account Manager has a wonderful personality and feels she takes great responsibility for her own job. Immigration was not too hard with Olia’s help.

Finally, I am really happy to get to know you all.”


“I’d like to express my special thanks to Janette who helped me to prepare a good CV, found a great employer and presented me to them. I was accepted to the company after the first Skype interview!

Upon obtaining a job offer I had to get a work visa, what is quite a technical task but yet not so simple as it might seem. I was led by Olia, an Immigration Adviser through all the issues of the visa application.

Frankly speaking, I have never thought that the immigration process can be such a complex deal. Being here, in Auckland and already working I perfectly realize that with no professional assistance of JPC and detailed help of Olia Essina I would have hardly achieved this result. Otherwise, a lot of time and money would have been wasted and somewhere halfway through, I would have given up. That’s why I would recommend this organization and its perfect team for those who need assistance in immigration or searching for electricians job in New Zealand. With no doubts.

~Viacheslav C. (if you still have doubts – I am happy to respond to your email)


“I am a Roofer by trade and was planning to move to New Zealand when my friend suggested contacting JPC LTD (recruitment and job placement consultants in Auckland). JPC had a job order for Roofers and I got placement shortly after my application.

Olia ( companies licensed immigration adviser ) got me to work to residence visa & I safely reached New Zealand only 4 months after the first application.

Olia is very competent & trustworthy, she was responding to my questions almost immediately and sorting issues with Immigration New Zealand for me fast.

All JPC team was very helpful in the process. They have met me at the airport and helped with NZ Bank account and Inland Revenue number. I have no hesitation to recommend JPC as a reliable partner. I’m really happy with them and will recommend them to my friends and family. Big thanks to Olia, Janette, and Jennifer!.


“We are happy to introduce our client Farid, working and living in a small but trendy town in the North Island of NZ.

Farid just received a work-to-residence visa! He is on the pass to New Zealand residence for his great work, communication skills, the desire and great efforts to mix into the employer team, his confidence as a professional engineer, skills and knowledge in aluminium and stainless fabrication work

The company owner, employing Kalam was very upset when he has seen the first test. He had to pay again for another test. He explained NZ requirements and regulations first and the second test was excellent.

Welcome to NZ Kalam!

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